Dependency problem - Stubby
  • I've had a break from the game and came back this week. "Stubby" is breaking my game by spamming error to my chat/text window and giving the game the biggest memory type lag I've ever experienced.

    See image for an example:

    The text is triggered by mouseover of every item in my bags.

    It's as if I'm trying to play WoW on an old machine. Loading screens take minutes, while moving or typing the game will freeze and then catch up a few seconds later. (Not PC issue as disabling Stubby and the game plays great and no loading screen issues etc).

    In my addon folder Stubby has the last updated date as the same day/hour/minute as when I updated Auctioneer. Apologies if I need to chase up a newer download for Stubby but I couldn't find one.
  • I don't see where that could be coming from within Stubby. However a lot of things go through Stubby, so it could be coming from anywhere.

    There's not a lot of info in the message to guess where it's coming from, but it looks like debug code someone's left in. I can't find that message within Auctioneer's files, though.

    Have you installed anything else recently?

    Also, can you check to see if you have an AddOn called "!nLog" installed? This is a debugging AddOn that is normally not included in the Release package.
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