Disconnecting when opening the AH
  • I have a huge problem at the moment, part of the issue is that it gets in the way of investigating itself.
    Everytime I open the AH it disconnects me.
    So I can't even see what the problem is,
    I've tried deleting my scan data and other things, but nothing helps except disabling Auctioneer. I have nothing else that touches the AH.
    Out of 3 characters I use the AH with only 1 has the problem, weirdly it is the one with the lowest latency and smallest realm.

    I'm wondering if there is any throttling we can do on opening the AH, or is that restricted to things like the GetAll scan?
  • A number of modules hook into the first opening of the AH to create their GUI elements. Also some modules hook into each time the AH is opened, usually to do some refreshing. If you could disable individual modules you might be able to pin down which one is causing the disconnect.

    Are you using the Suite download (with most modules embedded), or the Developer layout (with all modules disembedded)? The second would make it easier to disable individual modules.

    Also, do your 3 alts have separate Profiles in Auctioneer, or do they share the same one? It may be worth trying a different profile on the problem alt.
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