Price column showing buyout for single item instead of stack
  • Back around the 7.1 update or so, my Auctioneer developed an issue wherein the buyout price shown in the items list is the wrong amount. For example, the screenshot below shows a stack of 20 Arcane Crystal with a buyout price of 370g. The actual buyout price, however, is 7400g. Auctioneer is inserting the right price in the Bid field, but consistently shows a lower price in the list. This only happens on stacked items - single items don't have the issue. I've also determined that the price shown in the list is for ONE of the items instead of the whole stack.

    I've tried reinstalling Auctioneer with no change. I've also made sure all of my addons are up-to-date. Is this a known issue after Blizz changed something, or maybe a setting in the addon?

    NOTE: I may be wrong about it showing up after 7.1, but it definitely wasn't an issue before Legion, I know that. I've asked in trade chat but no one else seems to have the issue.
  • 1. the "Browse" tab is PURE Blizzard code. not Auctioneer's and i think Blizzard intended it to function exactly like this.. it sorts prices per item buyout price.
    It's not a bug, it's a Blizzard feature. :)

    Auctioneer only applies a skin/color theme to this tab (a.k.a. "Compact UI") - disable it to avoid such confusions in the future - i usually disable it.
    If you see prev/next page buttons then you're looking at Blizzard code. Auctioneer does not have an item list split on multiple pages, it's all on one page of search results.

    2. Auctioneer's search interface is actually in the "Search" tab, not in the "Browse" tab... in your screenshot you placed the bottom red circle almost directly on top of the search tab. Use that.

  • Actually CompactUI does override a few things on the Browse panel.

    In this case, you want to untick the "Show stacks as price per unit" option.
  • oh.. i usually consider Compact UI as not needed for me... probably because long ago it had some issues (mostly graphics bugs) and i learned to avoid them by just disabling Compact UI... i do that automatically these days (consider it a Pavlovian conditioning :p) immediately after installing Auctioneer.
  • Appreciate all the help A_Tom, but if I might make a request, please stop telling people to disable CompactUI. I know it doesn't work for you, and I'm happy you have a method that does work, but... well, you know. :)

  • ok, but if people keep confusing the Browse tab (which still remains mostly the Blizzard original interface code underneath) with the Auctioneer search interface then that means they don't use (or don't know they should use) a lot of Auctioneer functionality that's only available in the Search tab.

    Since (new) users keep asking questions about the Browse tab it means it's a bit confusing from an UI design perspective... it was (and still is, a bit) for me too, so that's why i got the habit to disable CompactUI.

    Maybe you should re-colour all the Auctioneer tabs and tab indicators similarly to how TSM does with their tabs, so that the Auctioneer tabs use different colours than the original Blizzard tabs?
  • Absolutely agree that sometimes folks, especially new users, are confused about the auctioneer functionality included on the browse vs. search tabs. Appreciate your help setting them straight on that.

    Perhaps the colored tabs would help, but the issue is that we do slightly modify the browse tab with CompactUI because we think it is generally helpful to most users, so it's not clear whether we should or should not color that tab, which is the real root cause of the above confusion.
  • For the record, I absolutely LOVE the changes made to the Browse tab by CompactUI - that streamlined interface is one of the reasons I consider Auctioneer a must-have addon.

    Also, I don't think I've changed the Auctioneer settings. I looked for how to get there in the Documentation section but didn't see anything (probably because it's a very simple thing to access for intelligent people). So where would I go to get to that CompactUI setting to untick it?
  • It's on the CompactUI panel itself, below the list of auctions, and just above the red circle you drew on your screenshot!
  • D'oh! I knew it would be simple... just not THAT simple lol. Thanks, and keep up the great work!
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