Auctioneer making prices show highest first.
  • I really do love Auctioneer, and i got almost no problems with it but recently i got an issue where the pages with highest prices showed up on the 1st page/tab and the most cheapest stuff was on the last page. Kinda annoying to have to go to last page to look at cheapest prices. Never had this issue before, anyone know how to fix it?
  • hint: pages.. if you're seeing prev page/next page buttons then you're still using the Blizzard search interface... even if it has been given a coat of paint by Auctioneer's CompactUI it's still mostly the same Blizzard search under the paint.

    The proper Auctioneer search does not have pages, it's all a loooooong list of results.

    For general search please use Search tab -> Searchers (on the left side collapsible menu) -> General
  • There is no way to control this on the browse tab. The cheapest items/stacks might be on the first page, the last page, or any page in between. A very small number of sorts can be done server side (i.e. by Blizzard, so that the cheapest is always on the first page), but these sorts are not really helpful. For example, I think you can sort by bid price on the server side, but who ever wants that? Everyone wants to sort by BO price (by item or stack), but blizzard doesn't support this unfortunately.

    if you want to be able to see things sorts across the entire AH for most of the fields you are interested in, you first have to perform a scan of all items (try the getall scan), and you then have to use the search tab. This is the auctioneer search, which does work across everything you have scanned recently.
  • actually, prior to patch 7.1(-ish) Blizzard's price sorting method was bid price per stack but this has changed now to buyout price per item.

    Try to browse a few categories while having Auctioneer disabled and sort by the price column in the Browse tab. Try first in armor-related (max stack=1) and then in trade goods.

    I think that they did this to combat the old "scam tradition" of impossible low bid prices per stack (e.g. 1 copper) and high buyout prices to deceive novice purchasers - this is what prompted Blizzard to change the price sorting method... and the other "tradition" of repeatedly listing low bid-only price auctions but cancelling them before term only to re-list them again.

    Nowadays, if you use those tactics... you end up either not selling at all or selling at the low bid price. This is because Blizzard's sort is on buyout per item now... and they ignore the bid price per item when sorting if the item has a buyout price.

    For items that only have a BID price and no buyout price, Blizzard now places them at the very end of the paged item list... after the highest possible per item buyout.

    This way, if an item has a bid price of only 1 copper and no buyout price defined it might never be sold AT ALL because it's at the end of the list of items, after the most expensive items that have a well-defined buyout price.

    in short, what Blizzard is doing now is to treat items that have no buyout price defined as having an infinite buyout price... and placing them at the end of the sort queue.
  • THANK GOD. How it took them over 10 years to fix that is beyond me.

    Though if this is true, I'm confused about the OP's question. OP, try clicking the header for the BO price column a few times, it should eventually get to the proper order. (Be careful though, one sort is BO per stack, and one is BO per item, make sure you get the latter by testing on a page showing stacked items).
  • I remember some mention of AH sorting changes for 7.1, but I can't find the references right now.

    I'll probably have to dig into Blizzard's code to see what they've added - CompactUI will need to be updated to use the new features.
  • CompactUI has been updated in SVN to use the new server-side "unitprice" sort - it actually now uses this for both Buyout-per-item and Bid-per-item sorts (not optimal for bid-per-item but there doesn't appear to be a better server-side sort).
  • A Christmas Miracle!

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