Problem showing up spots
  • Good day/night, readers
    I've installed Gatherer 7.0.3 for WoW 7.1 from Curse's website with it's app, but when farming ingame, the spots where I gather the hebs wont save on the map/minimap, neither if I instal GathererDB from WoWHead and import it!
    As the search for a common problem was a failure, i'm posting this thread in search for help.
    The addon seems amazing, and i wouldn't want to lose it's benefits for the world
  • according to their download page, GathererDB was last updated in June 2013... that's Mists of Pandaria times so i think it's quite out of date (and useless if you want Draenor or Legion resource nodes)

    as for spots where you gather yourself... i don't know why it does that... i stopped farming (and using Gatherer) around mid-Draenor times. These days i just do quests normally in that area while looking for resources nearby.
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