Unable to see bids/buyouts
  • So I was on my bank toon and saw a series of "a buyer has been found for Item" I checked my auctions, scrolled all the way up and down sorted as high bidder/buyout. I could not find it anyways , an hour later I check the mail and all the gold is there and Bean counter tracked the sales.

    I am just so used of looking on "my auctions" tab and seeing active bids and buyouts, and I can no longer see them. :<
  • So I don't know what I did, because I was messing with settings, and still could not see them, I went outside for a few minutes , when I came back I able to see the bid/buyout again. Still very weird.
  • We don't do anything to the auctions tab I don't think. Sometimes blizz just doesn't show all the info for your auctions that have sold, and then later the servers will catch up.
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