Market price problems.
  • I currently (as of the last 3? days) have multiple items that cannot calculate Market Prices. They could before.
    nLog says they can't evaluate a midpoint.
    But they all have at least one valid enabled stat such as StdDev or Histogram.
    Is it possible that the combination of stats can make the individual ones invalid? That's not necessarily a good fallback.

    The biggest problems I've seen recently (apart from this) seemed to be seasonal items, they get inflated in value and stay there even in the low price season, even hundreds of low auctions do not lower the high price the stat expects.
    But I don't think this market price issue is the same problem.

    What I really want is a market price analyser that does something like the histogram graphs to show the overlapping pdfs. I'm not sure it's possible to debug this "lack of middle price" without something like that. Any kind of debug text is going to be overwhelming and confusing...
  • Here's a link to technical discussion from a while back:

    All the Bellcurve-based Stat modules have since been updated with StdDev clamping.
  • Thanks, that's great. Will probably take me a while to fully absorb, but I'm understanding an awful lot more after the last few weeks!
  • With poisoned stats... If we can't make an automated way to fix them (And that does seem close to impossible to work out the logic for) can we have a tool to reset an item? I mean, you could manually edit the savedvariables, but that's a bit insane even for those of us that can read it...
  • /auc clear [itemlink]
    Clears all stats for that item

    I did plan to add clear commands for individual stats sometime.
  • Cool, that sounds good.
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