Suggestion wrong
  • Look at the tooltip:

    It says to Vendor the item. But I'm using Market and TUJ pricing and _both_ of those are above Vendor Sell price.
    The Suggestion line seems to make no sense at all.
  • maybe there's a minimum profit defined somewhere... and if the various market price stats are below that minimum profit, it tells you to not bother anymore trying to sell it and just vendor it.
  • You'll need to check ItemSuggests settings - there's a load of tweaks that affect how the suggestors are weighted against each other. Though it does look like Auction should be way above Vendor here.

    Check which price model you have selected for auctions, it might be one that didn't return a result on this occasion?
  • Hmmm, the settings were all default.
    The main price I was using was TUJ which it had, but it also had Market Price which was my second. I don't think it should've fallen back to vendor. When I get the item back tomorrow I'll look some more.
  • Ok, the suggestion is right, it's due to "post 20 times at 1s each" which drops the TUJ price below vendor. The problem is that the Resale searcher recommended it for sale because it looked at Market price instead of TUJ (My primary source). I have yet to track down where this is happening because it's not predictable at all and only seems to happen in the searcher. But the ItemSuggest part looks correct.
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