Appraiser needs a manual refresh
  • Hey guys and sorry if its already out there but I couldn't find it.
    I have got a problem with my Appraiser. After I scanned the AH the new Data is not used by the Appraiser. I have to Refresh every single Item manually which is very annoying. I haven't used Auctioneer in a few years but I remember it working correctly. Please help me, it's driving me crazy!
  • Were you using a slow or a getall scan? And what do you mean by "the data is not used"?

    You should see new items added to the competition list in appraiser, and be included in the new statistics.

    But if the getall scan doesn't complete successfully (as sometimes happens now - you will see that documented in the post-scan summary), or if you do a single slow scan, then some new items may have been missed, and any missing items which are not older than 48h since first being seen are not removed, and may continue to display. You need to perform a second slow scan (i.e. the appraiser refresh, or just another slow scan) in order for auctioneer to drop these missing auctions.

    This is by design, as sometimes an item in a slow scan gets missed because it moved between pages while the scan is progressing, so we require it to be missing twice before removing it.
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