Could someone be altering their auctioneer code?
  • I was wondering if anyone else had noticed that even when you had a lower price that is showed someone else a percentage that they were lower. I was lower by around 5g buyout and 3g bid but it had me at 187% of normal were it had them at 72% of normal price even though they were higher. Same item for each of us and same stack size.
    Buyout Bid
    Mine 33g50s36c 33g50s36c 187%
    Them 39g05s00c 37g09s75c 72%

    Is someone hacking the code for this somehow?

    I want to post a picture but I can't figure out a way to.

  • It sounds like these may be two items that look alike (have same name and icon) but are actually different. Some parts of Auctioneer can get confused and display them as if they are the same item.

    A picture would be very useful here - you need to upload it to your preferred picture hosting website and post a link here.
  • edit a day later: re-reading the initial post now, i see that brykrys' (above) and Kinesia's posts (below) make more sense than my initial post, which i'll keep below this edit.

    initially, i thought it was a difference in statistics for the same item because different market observers can have different statistical views about the market because of multiple factors: market analysis software used, market data sampling period, market data snapshot times, market historical data and so on...

    However, now i think they might be right... you probably looked at similar items that have different stats even if their names are the same... Blizzard started doing that with items in Pandaria and really messed things up with Draenor where item secondary stats can have extremely random values for the same stat... in such cases "pure" second stat items can be much more useful than items that have 2 secondary stats, even if they both have the same name and base item id.

    Auctioneer is not the only AH addon out there and is not too flexible when defining custom price rules.

    This is why i use TSM for posting and Auctioneer only for buying exactly because TSM allows me to undercut based on a formula that i define for each item group.

    e.g... for crazy undercut mode (=for transmog items that i want to get rid of) i use these days the formula:
    first(min(55% dbminbuyout, 55% TUJGlobalMedian), 5g) + 1g

    with a minimum price of
    max(vendorsell * 2, 10% TUJGlobalMedian, destroy)

    also, about changes to local addon files:
    (1) Blizzard generally allows users to do what they want with their addons as long as they don't cross a list of rules about interaction with Blizzard code and services
    (2) Auctioneer is even released as Open Source software so that users are allowed to make changes.

    (some other addons are released under "All rights reserved" licenses that basically say that you can only use but not change/re-use their code)
  • I have seen different percentage and prices but so far _only_ on battlepets. If you look at the individual items they have the same name and level but they have different stats.
    So I'd be very interested to know if what you are seeing this on is a battlepet.
  • (1).jpg?dl=0

    Here's an example case. See the prices ranges from 1000g to 100g? They are _all_ legit prices because the different cases of the pet have different stats and have different prices, unfortunately you only search by name so they _all_ come up at once.
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