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  • I'm having an issue with some of my saved searches when using a Maximum Buyout. If I set Max to 20g nothing shows up. If I leave the Max field empty auctions show up staring with a maximum of 14g ish. Why would these not show up when I put 20g in the Maximum Buyout Field?
  • those fields are prices per stack not per item.. your cheapest stack is priced over that price.

    also.. if you're searching for ore then maybe use the Smelting or Prospect dedicated searchers? (but General works too if you know exactly what you're searching for.)
  • Thanks for the quick response. I've played with Smelting and Prospect but they don't quite do it for me. Is there a way to search based on max price per item? Many items, Chaos Crystal for instance stack to 200 and are never sold that way. Often even the lower priced items like ore in my example are not sold at full stacks, a per item price search would do the trick or an option to define your stack size.
  • Use the General searcher and search by Item name not by maximum price... generally there will be only at most a few hundred of items.

    alternatively, you could leave the item name empty and instead set these fields, to only find Legion materials:
    type: trade goods
    subtype: metal and stone
    min item level: 100
    and search using the small whirlwheel button, it does a cache refresh scan before the actual scan.

    after searching, sort the results using the buy (or bid) price per each item - you're already doing that in the third screenshot, so keep searching and sorting like that.

  • Thanks again for the response. I am searching by item name and do sort by Buy/ea but am trying to filter items out of my search above a certain price per item. I guess not a big deal really, I just have a bunch of saved searches I go through many times a day that constantly show me items I would not buy based on the price per item. Since Blizz made the changes to stack many items to 200, items are rarely sold at full stack size these days. The buyout price per stack is not terribly useful for me and probably not others since the stack sizes vary so much these days.
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