Demonsteel Armguards
  • An odd issue, when on the Appraiser tab and clicking refresh when highlighting Demonsteel Armguards the list does not refresh. This is on any variant of Demonsteel Armguards I have. I have to do a General search on the search tab to get the item list to refresh. This is the only item I have this issue with as far as I know.
  • Do you get any feedback at all, such as scanning bars, messages in chat, etc.?
  • Nothing, the refresh button seems to press ok yet the item list remains stale but again only on the DS armguards. Here is what shows after hitting refresh. As you can see it indicates that the data is over 12 hours old even after hitting refresh

  • OK that gives me a place to start looking

    (edit) My guess is something to do with item level or quality
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