Bid in search function not working - always returns "Auction ____ No Longer Exists"
  • When I try to use the search function, the bid feature does not work. The buyout function does, however, when I use the bid button, it says it is queueing the item, but then it says that the auction no longer exists. It is definitely an error, it happens without variation, and the item will appear again when I search again (plus most of these have no buyout). Please help
  • if you had a lua error in the current session (especially if it was AH-related) then please do a /reload before interacting with the AH (and make sure your addons are updated).

    also.. how do you search exactly? most Auctioneer searches will use the local cache and will not ask the server for fresh data until you actually initiate a bid/buy action at which time you may discover that the auction no longer exists or that the price has changed (=someone else placed a bid on that item) and your bid is too low.

    The only exception to this is the General searcher - it has two search buttons. The regular search button uses the local cache but there's a small "whirlwheel" square button next to it that forces a cache refresh before the actual search.

    Try using that small button instead of the larger "Search" button:

  • P.S. generally, the bid button will be grayed out if the bid price is the same as the buyout price

    if that is not the case then if you're using alt-tab ... try pressing and releasing the ALT key if the bid button is grayed out and says "Reset Bid" instead of "Bid"

    Auctioneer changes the bid button when you use ALT button while the AH window is opened and ALT-TAB is an edge case for this key combination - happens to me all the time since i run WoW in windowed full screen mode.

    Pressing and releasing the ALT key alone, without any other keys pressed, will re-enable the bid button if it was disabled by you alt-tabbing out of the game.
  • Which searcher are you using? And what are you searching for?
    Is this happening for a particular item, or type of item, or for lots of different items?
    If the item comes up again, does it work on the 2nd (or 3rd etc) try?
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