variable ilevel items: wrongly detected levels = one cause of statistics poisoning
  • searching for Armor of Epic quality that is at least ilvl 790 will often return weird results.

    Auctioneer is looking at the base item id level (810 in this case) without checking the variable item bonuses which in this case have a negative effect and the effective resulting real item level is just 759, which is almost useless.

    This, in turn, means that all the same base item price statistics are mixed together into statistics for a single item id.

    Can you please change the code to use the effective real item level for such search cases instead of the base ilevel?

    Also, it might help to have different price point statistics for different item levels or item level brackets - gather statistics for such items in groups of about 5-10 consecutive real item levels?

    (notice the silly TSM vendor price in the tooltip ... they still have a problem with recognizing correct vendor prices and it's been almost 6 months since i opened a ticket for this)

    search parameters setup

    search results
  • I don't see anything wrong in GeneralSearch's code, so if there are wrong iLevels they would have to be coming from CoreScan itself.

    CoreScan gets iLevel from GetItemInfo, with which we are having a load of trouble at the moment :(
    It uses caching to get round some of the GetItemInfo problems, and the cache is supposed to take into account any bonusIDs.
    I did some profiling, and the number of cache hits for items with bonusIDs is comparatively low (on the order of 100 out of 10000 hits).
    It may be simplest to just bypass the cache for items with bonusIDs and see how that works out.
  • Unfortunately the current Blizzard APIs don't offer a way to get the full item level including all the bonuses. See
    Blizzard was notified of this problem during Legion beta, but has yet to deliver a solution.
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