Enchantrix changes with crafted Epics
  • We talked about this a while ago, though I can't find the thread.

    Enchantrix values some epics incorrectly, there are ones that are labelled as always giving Chaos Shards, but they don't.
    I've reduced the slider value of Chaos Shards, but this isn't a good solution.

    Does anyone have a better idea of how to get data on yields yet?
  • ccox is the man to talk to about this
  • Yeah, Blizzard has changed their results a few times.
    (which is frustrating when you get the new yields, and they change it again)
  • Heh. is there any way we can fudge it for now?

    I think a more conservative approach would be safer for most people.
  • No, there is no way to fudge it short of editing the data tables in the addon.
    I need to spend some time DEing epic items, AGAIN, and see what the current yields are.
  • Uggh, a potentially expensive thing to have to do by yourself...
  • I'm also having this issue. At first I thought I was going crazy and losing Chaos Crystals. I started playing closer attention and finally saw what is actually happening - and reading here confirms it.

    I thought Enchantrix updated the "Disenchants into" data when you disenchant something? I know there is "baseline" data that you download/install with the addon, but doesn't it update itself as you disenchant items? I thought that the "100% Chaos Crystal x1.0" would change over time as I disenchant more of these items to "xx% Chaos Crystal x1.0 xx% Leylight Shard x1.0"
  • No, Enchantrix remembers what is and is not disenchantable, but the main results are from a pre-built table (otherwise it would never be useful).
  • Faux, the main thing you can do at the moment as a "hack" is to go into the Enchantrix settings and set the manual price for Chaos Crystals to something a lot lower (still higher than leylight shards, but not the full price of Crystals) this will help you only get items that are cheap enough that in the long term the leylight shardds won't be too terrible.

    I don't like it either, but not much we can do yet.
  • If you are DEing a lot of items that give different results, you might be able to help: delete your current Enchantrix.lua file, then DE a bunch of items with different ilevels and send me the new Enchantrix.lua file (which does record results that I can analyze).
  • Excuse me. Older thread. You say you disenchant epics in-game. Would it be possible that you could get these data from, say, wowhead? They should have a rather large database of this. I know you said the outcomes have changed but if wowhead could somehow provide timestamped data that could possibly be very precise.
  • No, because wowhead doesn't have all the data we need.
    Also, the wowhead data is contaminated from earlier releases.
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