Statistics missing
  • I have noticed that many of my successful auctions are not being captured by beancounter. Anyone else seen this behaviour? Here is a list of the addons I am running.

    Ackis Recipe List 2.6.2
    Altoholic Altoholic 5.4.004
    Archaeology Helper 1.3.0
    AskMrRobot AskMrRobot-
    AtlasLoot Enhanced v7.07.02
    Auctioneer AuctioneerSuite-5.19.5445
    Deadly Boss Mods 5.4.10
    Doom_CooldownPulse 1.2.11
    GatherMate2 1.27
    GatherMate2_Data v20.1
    Grail 062
    Healbot Continued
    LibSharedMedia-3.0 5.4.0
    MonkTimers 1.23
    Postal v3.5.1
    RareCoordinator v5.4.1-4
    Recount v5.4.0b release
    RoguePowerBars (Updated) 5.0.4
    SexyMap v2.4.15
    Wholly 042
    WowDB Profiler 5.4.2-1
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