opening auctioneer in game
  • I am new to addons. do I have to be at an auction house in order to use addon? or can I open while playing game? if so, how can I open the window while I'm gaming?
  • Hi,
    you can only buy and sell things at the auction house, but you can do a few things while out and about.
    If you look on the right of the screen underneath your minimap there is a little bar, hover over it and a bunch of icons should slide out which are the different parts of auctioneer.
    You can adjust your settings from here and you can also look at "Beancounter" which is the history of your sales, both success and failure.
  • SearchUI is also available outside of the AH, but of course you can't actually buy anything from it, just search your most recent snapshot.
  • thank u friends. I appreciate the help. would appreciate friends on wow... my id is:
    hartbraker#11629. would appreciate any and all invites.
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