[BUG] [Auctioneer] [Auc-Util-CompactUI] + [ElvUI] - Highlight Display Issue
  • Hello,

    I'm digging about this since yesterday with no results. All I've found closest to this are tooltip display issues, but not this one.
    Maybe I missed something?

    If not, here is what I'm struggling with:
    While browsing auctions, once cursor is on first line - mouseover highlight smaller than line heigh; and the lower I go, the more lines are highlighted.
    Screenshot: http://imgur.com/a/1fgPU
    (cursor is not in 2nd line, on-click highlight is working fine, it's exactly first row above of multi highlight)

    I noticed that issue is bound to Auctioneer Compact UI, once I disable it, lines are big and fat like in vanilla, but highlight works fine - I hate those.
    Anyone else has meet with this? Any ideas how to fix it?
  • Does it also work correctly without ElvUI ?
  • Yes, of course. I have got in hand other set of addons (aprox. 160) w/o ElvUI and all is working fine.
    Here is answer from tukui http://www.tukui.org/forums/topic.php?id=39125
    as first I thought it might be something with Elv.
  • LOL. I'd say that Auctioneer works fine with the Blizzard UI, and something in ElvUI is breaking the Blizzard UI that Auctioneer depends on.
  • Unfortunately that is a pretty crummy situation for the end user. Neither addon really wants to spend the time debugging an issue that is "caused" somehow by the other addon, but doesn't affect anyone else.

    We'll keep it in mind and try to spend some time looking into it if we get a chance, but as you can guess, we're running pretty light at the moment, so it's hard to say when someone here will have a chance to download and install the other addon and be able to look into it.
  • Both Addons do reskinning, and I think we've had problems with CompactUI and other reskinning AddOns in the past - I don't remember how those got resolved.

    I think you can tell ElvUI not to reskin the AuctionHouse, while keeping its other features active? Would be useful to know if that fixed the problem.
  • Yes, indeed, as I mentioned in first post - I found bugs with auctioneer causing tooltip issue with ElvUI. That was fixed already.
    Unfortunately I think this is something with Auctioneer again, as highlight in other places works like a charm. (i.e. chat, code, various addons with copy/paste)

    There are options to get rid of it, but at cost of other layout.
    1. Turn off ComapctUI
    2. Turn off ElvUI for Auction House. (this one i'm currently using)

    Good would to find a root cause.
  • Back from holiday and able to get in game again!

    I've checked that CompactUI doesn't do any mouseover highlighting, but the default Blizzard UI does. I think ElvUI is trying to reskin the Blizzard highlights, but still not sure why that would make them appear.

  • But then it should appear on default blizzard ui, right?
  • That depends on how ElvUI is reskinning the Blizzard UI (and, apparently, it has bugs).
  • I think part of the problem is: when we replace the Blizzard lines with our own we use the same name, but our lines don't act quite the same as the Blizzard ones.

    Also, we don't overwrite all the Blizzard names for sub-elements (icon, highlight), so those Blizzard elements are still actually accessible, if you look for them by name - which ElvUI appears to be doing.

    As I see it there are two options:

    1) Make our lines more like the Blizzard ones, make sure we overwrite the names of all the sub-elements, and actually define a mouseover highlight

    2) Rename our lines to something else and lock away all the Blizzard elements so they can't be shown - would then need to update several of our other modules which interact with CompactUI.
  • Both (1 or 2) does not sound like quick fix :)
  • Been playing with adding extra sub-elements - had to add quite a few, otherwise ElvUI will throw nil errors.

    Turns out we don't need a Highlight though, ElvUI just creates one if it's not there (which is why it started appearing in the first place).

    This is what I have so far. It's just the Lua file, should be unzipped and dropped into the CompactUI folder, replacing the exisiting file (keep a backup of the old file, just in case).

  • The changes I had to make in the above linked code are:

    Rename each Icon button to match the name used by Blizzard
    Rename the Icon textures (contained by the Icon buttons) to match the names used by Blizzard
    Add new 'Normal' textures to each Icon button
    Add new 'Border' textures to each Icon button
    (The last one is a bit annoying, as ElvUI just disables that texture, but will throw an error if it is not present. May be able to get away with just creating an empty, undefined texture?)

    Note that I did not need to create a Highlight texture. ElvUI just creates a new Highlight regardless of whether one already exists. May be worth adding Highlights to CompactUI anyway, though.
  • Works! OMG!
    Thanks a lot. I will be testing this for couple of days on bank char, to check it doesn't break anything else.
  • During some archaeology this appeared.
    Actions I performed:
    - killed mob (1 shot)
    - Survey digsite via action bar 4 (mouse click)
    nothing else :)

    "Warning only: Swatter found blocked actions: [AddOn: Auc-Advanced]
    Note: Swatter will continue to catch blocked actions but this is the last time this session that we'll tell you about it."

    "Error occured in: AddOn: Auc-Advanced
    Count: 1
    Message: Note: AddOn Auc-Advanced attempted to call a protected function (OverrideActionBarButton6:Show()) during combat lockdown.
    [C]: Show()
    ..\FrameXML\ActionButton.lua:363: ActionButton_Update()
    ..\FrameXML\ActionButton.lua:812: ActionButton_OnEvent()
  • T_Send - If you're still checking back here, I've got an updated version of the file:


    I've removed some things I don't think were needed, but best to check and make sure. Also added the mouseover highlighting.
  • Good afternoon brykrys,

    Yes, of course I do - from time to time :)
    After Auctioneer update, this broke your brilliant fix, but I assume this was just caused by overwritten file. Since I replaced it, by your, everything came back as I was expecting.

    In a moment I will try your new release and provide feedback soon.
    Thanks a lot for your work. It;s really appreciated, since Auctioneer is my core AH addon on daily basis. I think I owe you one :)

    BTW. I also got some ideas about fixing / improving other minor functions.
    I assume I should post them in other thread and subforum. You're investigating this kind of queries as well?

    Best regards,
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