New patch warning.
  • So 7.2 arrives in four days and there are problems with !Swatter on the PTR.

    I logged in to check on a mod I help with and kept getting errors. They stopped, to a point, when I disabled !Swatter.
    By 'stopped', I mean that the addon !Swatter said was causing an error loaded up and worked, although not perfectly. I'll let that author know too.

    This is just a heads up, I've got no idea if any of you look at the PTR.
  • Can you post the error message here please?

    edit- actually, my guess is that when you disable Swatter, the error is still happening, but the game is hiding it from you. So probably not a Swatter problem.
  • How irritating, I logged back in to get you the error and it isn't happening now.

    I guess this is a good thing really.
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