Feature Request: Pawn integration into Search
  • I'm seeing another addon (PassLoot) have a wonderful integration with Pawn so that an item can immediately evaluated, during dungeons' runs, if to Need, Greed, Pass, etc. (and automatically answer to the pop-up, which is the real PassLoot's value). It does that basing on "current Pawn's scale" for the character's class.

    It happened to me more than a few times to be into AH trying to select items to buy and, despite the fact all was "usable by me", I had to hover on many and many of them, to veryfy (with Pawn) if they was really "an upgrade" towards the ones I was wearing or not: if I can Search, specifying the item kind (armor(head, chest, etc.), weapon(melee, ranged, etc.)...) and the "upgradeability" comparing to the same equip piece I'm wearing (e.g. armor -> head -> current(Pawn scale)+1) the Search could be much more useful... well... at least to me, casual buyer. :-)

    Have to say I don't know Search very well, as searching for "item level greather than 600" means a few to me, if I'll get a list of items I'll have to further (Pawn)compare with my actual one to see if it's useful.
  • see https://wow.curseforge.com/projects/auc-advanced-searcher-pawn

    it has some issues that have to be fixed manually but it's generally usable once you modify it to work around the bugs...

    i'm hoping it will get an official update soon tho... i'm not much of a fan of in-place editing.
  • Thank you very much for the advice. Downloaded it, I'll test it ASAP. :-)
  • remember to make the changes suggested in the issues on curseforge.. it spits out LUA errors otherwise since it hasn't been updated in a while
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