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  • Good evening! I'm looking for help with Auctioneer and I've checked everywhere and I'm unable to find any information regarding how to post so as to remove the suffix on items. eg: Blood Knight Pauldrons "of Stamina" "of Strength", etc. I want to be able to post items without the suffix specifically related to Xmog items. Currently I have to go back after starting to post and manually post items that are the same for xmog purposes, but are not showing up as on the AH due to the exact name (suffix) difference.

    I'm sure Auctioneer has the feature, I'm just not savy enough to know where it is or how to implement the setting, can anyone help? :)

    Thank you for your consideration and time in this matter.
  • Hi, unfortunately this isn't possible from Blizzard's side as the items _are_ different. That they give the same Xmog does not make them the same item. When you post an item it has all the information about it made public, there is no way to post something without part of it's information.

    My apologies.
  • the intent of posting an item also matters, this is why i'm using TSM for rules-based bulk posting and Auctioneer for all other things. imho they complement each other's functions very well.

    TSM can compare and undercut items while (optionally) ignoring the random suffix/enchant only for a single item in a list of items.

    This is good for when you try to sell an old-style transmog item but it has a downside: some items have a different appearance when they have different random suffixes and ignoring these will make you miss some transmog appearances.

    This variable transmog appearance of a single item is usually seen with Draenor crafted items: the base crafted item has one appearance, a blood-stage upgraded item has another appearance and a felblight-stage upgraded crafted item has a third appearance.
  • Ok, tyvm. I'm going to have to learn how to use TSM, I have it, but quite honestly, it's been a bit complex. I'm sure once I take the time, it will pay off in the long run. Any tips on TSM itself, ie: recommended guides or vids?

    Thanks again! :)
  • the initial learning curve for TSM is extremely steep indeed, it was for me too at first, but once you learn the basic functions it becomes quite easy to understand what it does and why.

    as for recommended guides... i suggest to read a bit of the documentation first. start with
    as these are the ones you'll be using most when you create/tweak your formulas.

    dig on into
    and continue from there.

    you'll notice that most of TSM functions are generally optimized for bulk processing but that while it has a transmog posting mode (random suffix-ignoring undercutting) ... it doesn't have a missing transmog search mode like Auctioneer has :D

    and here are some starting formulas for pricing things that i use... feel free to tweak to your taste.
    minimum price:
    first(max(vendorsell, 10% TUJGlobalMedian, destroy, crafting), 10g)

    normal price:
    first(max(vendorsell * 5, 75% TUJGlobalMedian), 99g)

    max price:
    first(2500% max(vendorsell * 5, TUJGlobalMedian), 5000g)

    first(min(11% dbminbuyout, 11% TUJGlobalMedian), 1g)
  • There is also many good TSM guides on Youtube.
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