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  • Hi, I'm using Auctioneer for a long time now but recently I came back on wow and I noticed I don't have the item level in the little panels poping when I put my mouse on. It was helping me a lot to organise everything in my Bank. I tryed to find an option to enable it but can't find anything. Could you help me? Thank you.
  • for bank sorting press Blizzard's "sort bags" button... Blizzard has separate sorting buttons that work in both personal bags and in bank, but it won't work in a Guild Bank... even if you are the guild's master - Blizzard named the button for this "Clean Up Bank/Bags" but it's actually just a sorter

    for item level display you need the Informant sub-addon to be enabled.
  • Hey A_Tom,
    Thanks for the answer. For the Bank sorting I don't like their "automatic" sorting. I like to organise my herbs by iLvl and keep everything organised by it. It represents everything I need at every levels of crafting.

    I have Informant enabled and I got the pop up window with all the informations about the auctions, the price but I don't have any iLvl shown. Is it maybe because the new wow update bugged the informant addon? Since the addon is out of date now with the last version.
  • Informant's itemlevel in tooltips appears to be working when I tried it.

    However, it does rely on the game's GetItemInfo API, which tends to fail after being called too many times in rapid succession - i.e. after a scan.

    edit: Informant does cache its results - if it fails to get the ilvl on the first try, it will get 'stuck' with not showing ilvl. That's something that could be fixed.
  • Thanks brykrys, I suppose mine is failing pretty often then. Yes if it can be fixed, it would be awesome. Thanks.
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