Silly question time!
  • I've been using Auctioneer for many, many years. So long that, until I got a corrupted file after a WoW crash, I had historical data of very infrequently seen auctions dating back to L60 times!

    Now I've just changed realms so all that old data is irrelevant, so I'm starting with a clean slate.
    When I look at all the folders involved with this mod I don't actually know what they're all for, which do I still need?
    I remember a long time ago that there was a change in the data format so it wasn't all being used any more but I didn't pay enough attention back then.
    This is a very long post, I'm just trying to understand what each part does and if I can remove some.
    It's clear that this isn't being actively developed any longer, which doesn't really matter while things work as I'm not sure how much further you can take an AH mod.

    Could someone who understands things chime in on what these do and what is actually required please?

    So pasting from the download page:
    Main parts:
    !Swatter: Bug catching mod for providing errors for useful feedback to developers. Very handy.
    Auc-Advanced: The main part of Auctioneer?
    Auc-Filter-Basic: So it's a filter but I don't know where it shows.
    Auc-ScanData: The data I collect by pressing the scan button. I think this has become much less useful than it was because of imports from the web based aution sites?
    Auc-Stat-Histogram: No idea.
    Auc-Stat-iLevel: Also no idea but the iLevel name means it's doing doing/tracking something with ... I don't know!
    Auc-Stat-Purchased: Keeps track of things I've bought and the prices I paid, I think.
    Auc-Stat-Simple: Not sure, some of the info in the tooltips?
    Auc-Stat-StdDev: Statistics on the data, not sure if it's scanned prices, bought/sold prices or all of them.
    Auc-Util-FixAH: Going from memory this turned up many years ago when Blizzard managed to break their own AH interface, I could be wrong though. Either way is it still needed?
    BeanCounter: Keeps track of what I make/spend. I never actually look at this so I can probably just delete/disable it.
    Enchantrix: I've never really used this part, I think it's to help me determin if I can buy things to DE them and make gold?
    Enchantrix-Barker: Pre-dates being able to make scrolls to list on the AH, useful in the dark ages but no point now?
    Informant: Adds information on items to the tooltip, vendor prices etc?
    SlideBar: A way of uncluttering the mini-map, I've always disabled it as I try to keep my mod count down. Also an LDB display handles this nicely.
    Stubby: No idea but without it nothing works!

    Auc-Filter-Outlier: No idea.
    Auc-Match-Undercut: The smarts for price listing.
    Auc-Stat-Sales: It looks like it's tracking what I've sold, no idea where I see that data though.
    Auc-Stat-WOWEcon: I think this is one of the web based auction sites and this was a way of utilising that data? I've never used it.
    Auc-Util-AHWindowControl: No idea.
    Auc-Util-Appraiser: The fancy tab which looks at my bag contents and tells me what they're worth. I don't actually use this either, I tend to stick to small segments of the market so I don't need it.
    Auc-Util-AskPrice: No idea.
    Auc-Util-AutoMagic: It's magic, therefore I have no idea.
    Auc-Util-CompactUI: Shows more lines in the default AH UI frame.
    Auc-Util-EasyBuyout: Shortcuts for bidding/buying auctions bypassing the irritating, "Are you sure," messages.
    Auc-Util-ItemSuggest: Suggests prices when you've got no data, I think.
    Auc-Util-PriceLevel: No idea.
    Auc-Util-ScanButton: Adds the buttons to make scans happen?
    Auc-Util-ScanFinish: Not sure, perhaps lists the scan results in the default chat window?
    Auc-Util-ScanProgress: Adds the progress bar while scanning and analysing, I assume.
    Auc-Util-ScanStart: Not sure, perhaps there's more going on when I press the scan button than I realise.
    Auc-Util-SearchUI: The custom Auctioneer search tab, really powerful but as you can't shift-click things into it I hardly use it.
    Auc-Util-SimpleAuction: No idea.
    Auc-Util-VendMarkup: Adds a multiplier to what a vendor would give you for an item if there's no data on it in your Db.

    Babylonian, DebugLib, Configator: No idea what these three do, not in the Addons folder so I guess they're required for other bits to work?
    LibDataBroker: Support for an LDB addon to put data and/or launchers in.
    LibExtraTip, TipHelper: Two tooltip things but I don't know what they do.

  • I've been looking through the wiki but I'm not sure how up to date it is.
    One part of it points to a website which no redirects to other things, not WoW related. I assume this is something to do with Norganna's RL projects, but once again this is just a guess.
  • The Data is stored in a different place than the code files. If you just want to clear out the server-specific data after transferring, you should look in:
    World of Warcraft/WTF/Account//SavedVariables
    The files you are looking for are:
    Auc-Stat-*.lua (e.g. Auc-Stat-Simple.lua, etc.)
    (and all the related .bak files too).
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