Gem searching while at level 60
  • Have to say is a Real Pain to search, every time and for every toon I bring to level 60, the "right gems" for his gear.
    I use Pawn advice, so I know which gems to search, and I look into Pawn scales also, to see the stats' precendence. Have auc-advanced-searcher-pawn also installed (but it doesn't help with gems), and still have problems in searching gems (mainly 'cause there are usually a few for gear under iLevel 417).

    What I really need: a "place" (flag/setting/whatever) where to specify the "maximum iLevel" of my gear (not of the gems I'm searching) while searching gems for it.

    I tried the "usable" flag too, but it seems to me it's made for the items I'm searching only (so gems), not for the GEAR the gems are for, as any (traditional) search is giving gems made for iLevels >400 even if my max iLevel is 80-85.

    I know it's not that enormous problem, as I found needed gems before but... if you devs would like to consider this as "a problem" to solve, I'll be very grateful (and, maybe, not me only). :)
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