auctioneer mailbox gui causing game crash?
  • Hey guys. I love your addon since the days of vanilla and cannot thank you enough for keeping it going.

    I am having a recurrent problem which appears related to auctioneer and the mailbox.
    Previously when sorting bags while the "sell" feature was open my game would freeze and periodically crash, Since the last update it has not been an issue.

    Since 7.2 a similar event occurs when my mailbox is open, the GUI showing and I hit sort bags. This happens with or without bankstack (my bag sorting) addon present, and all other addons turned off. An error box occurs and says that my game has crashed with all the fun fatal options to send a message to bliz etc.

    Thought I should bring it to your attention as this kind of thing probably doesn't happen unless the right circumstances are in place.

  • If it is causing the game to crash, you need to report it to Blizzard directly, along with the crash log. Nothing we do in an addon should be able to crash the game, addons run in a protected space.

    You can try reporting the crash log here, but 90% of the time there's nothing that helps us figure out what the issue is, and 90% of the time there is, there is nothing we can do about it anyway.
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