Appraiser salebox is blue
  • This is a really weird bug. At some point in the last week, I did or clicked something while selecting a bunch of new items to go into batch posting and the item box turned blue. I thought it was just some sort of odd coloring glitch, like how you can get the tooltip to sometimes color its background differently while hovering on addon tooltips.

    However, it never went away. Reloads, logouts, closing, switching tabs, the background is still blue. I'm fairly certain this started before the most recent update. If my memory sucks and/or I'm crazy, and this was the update and I did nothing, how do I change it back? It absolutely does not fit with the design scheme at all.

  • It is a feature, not a bug. Click the "per stack" button when an item is selected and it will switch back.
  • Sorry for the late reply. Yes, that did "fix" the blue background. Honestly, it feels weird to change the background over one option.
  • We do that to make it obvious that you've switched, because it is a very super major change to how things get posted and priced, and you don't want to do it accidentally and post a bunch of stuff for 1/20th of the price you thought you were.
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