Trying to add Fel-Encrusted Herb to Gatherer
  • Hi,

    While waiting for a new version of Gatherer, I looked at the LUA files of the addon and I've tried to modify them by myself to add the new herb from Broken Shores (Fel-Encrusted Herb). I found 4 files where I think I added the correct modifications, but the nodes are not recording in the database. I was wondering what I might have missed. The lines were added at the end of each list after the 5 regular legion herbs in .LUA files. I took the 269278 number from Wowhead.

    I added the following :

    In GatherCategories.lua (in the Herb section, Object categories)
    [269278] = "HERB_FELENCRUSTEDHERB", -- Fel Encrusted Herb
    ["HERB_FELENCRUSTEDHERB"] = 269278, -- Fel Encrusted Herb (in the herb section, Categories Names)

    In GatherConstants.lua

    In GatherIcons.lua
    [269278] = "Herb\\FelEncrustedHerb", -- Fel Encrusted Herb

    In GatherNodes.lua (-- Legion incomplete section)
    ["Fel-Encrusted Herb"] = 269278, --

    and I also created a .blp icon (64x64) (FelEncrustedHerb.blp) that I placed in the herb directory with the others.

    Thank you very much.

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