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  • I scanned through some of the post and did not see any information on this at all. It has been years since playing WoW and now I am back!

    So I download the latest version of Auctioneer since I was a heavy user of this addon back in my day but... the GetAll scan is slower than I remember but hey, no big deal.

    My issue is appraiser, for me to refresh market prices for one item like peacebloom takes between 20 and 50 seconds! I made the mistake of alt-refreshing 20 items and it took over 10 minutes! I could not stop the refresh unless I logged out.

    Is this the new reality for Auctioneer's appraisal tab or can I do something to fix this?
  • Anyone able to help?

    Please help, I used to use this addon to generate my in-game gold for years and it ran smooth like butter. Now it constantly hangs and simply does not work. When I go to click bid on Appraiser it will sometimes take 4+ minutes before prompting me to accept the bid and that is just bidding on ONE item. Other times the bid never goes through and I have to manually stop the addon. I have reinstalled this addon 3 times now hoping that would fix it, once from Curse and twice from the Auctioneer website.

    Compared to the computer I used to run this game my new machine is a monster, so much more powerful than the rig that ran Auctioneer perfectly.

    What am I doing wrong?
  • 1) you're probably scanning a market segment that has a few thousands stacks of 1-item things.


    2) you have too many statistics modules enabled. Each statistics module that you enable adds quite a bit of cpu usage... choose one and try to disable the rest
    (they appear as separate addons in the addon list, they are named Auc:stat* and can be disabled individually)

    As a separate option for statistics ... these days i just disable ALL the local realm statistics and i just use The Undermine as statistics data source for Auctioneer/TSM. their data is region-wide and are updated twice per week (via Curse App) and cannot be easily affected by price pushers.

    I do this because local realm price statistics are usually poisoned by resellers listing random items at crazy prices on purpose, just to influence local realm statistics.
  • oh... forgot THE most important thing:

    0) don't scan from Stormwind Trade District AH.

    Stormwind is a cross-realm + sharded zone these days and the server-side AH interface is extremely laggy because of the crowd. Use Darnassus, Booty Bay or other low-usage AHs

    Booty Bay or Gadgetzan AHs are preferred by some people that avoid the /trade channel noise - there's no such chat channel in those areas
  • The speed of scans depends mostly on the Server, not your own system. Getting long scan times like that sounds like there are thousands of auctions of whatever you are trying to sell or buy, and the server just takes a long time to send all the data.

    You can see how the scan is going by switching to the Browse panel. This should tell you how many auctions are expected in the scan, and you should be able to see how fast each page loads (each page has 50 auctions).

    Note that if you want to stop your queued scans there is an 'Abort' button in the top left of the Browse panel (assuming you installed the full Auctioneer Suite). Scans can also be stopped with the slash command /auc abort.
    It might be worth adding a duplicate Abort button to Appraiser, but I can't see where we could squeeze it into the UI.
  • A_Tom, thanks a ton! I was in Stormwind doing scans but moved to Ironforge which is much better, I did not realize Stormwind was cross-realm nowadays.

    I disabled some of the statistic modules and that also help even though I always found them useful in the past.

    I do have a question for you, are you implying that you can load Undermine data into Auctioneer? That would be amazing.
  • Disregard the question I had on Undermine, got it working already! Will I need to go to curse and update the database manually every week?

    Lastly, I seem to recall having an option which allowed me to see how many times (count) an item had been scanned in the auction. I found this really helpful but I cannot find this option anywhere. Am I imagining this feature from years ago?
  • The Undermine database is generally updated 2 times a week... usually Tuesday and Saturday. The Curse App (these days called the Twitch App - they have been acquired by Twitch) will update it then as it is published as a regular addon.

    about the counter.. that's the item seen count... but is generally useless when you consider that The Undermine is running region-wide statistics.

    More important is the standard deviation indicated by the data, a high value there indicates that prices are very volatile and spread all over the place.

    btw, I generally use the median price from TUJ, not the mean price - i think it reflects better the market evolution.


    edit: also, Ironforge and most major cities are cross-realm nowadays (Darnassus included), but they are usually not as crowded as the capitals Stormwind/Orgrimmar. Those have traffic jams these days.
  • and a small note: since you say it's been a long time since you played, i hope that you already noticed that the neutral AH has disappeared and that there's no more separation between factions in the AH. All the old neutral AH points are just regular AH points these days.
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