Beancounter crisis!
  • Nothing is showing up. I love Beancounter, it's a great tool. So ya I can drag anything into the area on the left and once I hit shift, the item either comes up with no results or the item I put in just disappears, from the search box. :(

    FYI I kid when I say crisis
  • Though it was working but not recording sales at all.
  • make sure it's the EXACT same item or stack size of an item... Beancounter is extremely picky with its food :)

    It considers different stack sizes as different items or if it's a single-stack item the item has to match exactly down to the last random bonus stats because it also tends to consider it is a different item if the item level and bonus stats on two similar items are not the same, even if the base item IDs are the same between those two items.
  • I do not believe stack size matters to BeanCounter. Random stats do though.

    If your data is missing for pretty much every item, then most likely your SV file was corrupted at some point recently. When this happens you basically start from scratch next time. Your only option if this happens is to restore a backup copy, which hopefully you have.

    If it is not recording new sales and listings, make sure you wait a few days and check again. It can take up to 3+ days for an item to show after being listed, IIRC.
  • i think stack size matters... at least from my experience.

    when i buy a stack of 15 herbs in AH, Auctioneer recognizes it in bags and Beancounter adds a line about the purchase: "Last won for Reason (x Hr y Min) ago)" - where "Reason" is the reason recorded by Beancounter for my bid/buy action

    if i modify the stack size then that message disappears.

    same thing happens when buying stackable things in AH for sell to Vendor reason.

    If i buy a stack of 17 things with a Vendor reason, then AutoMagic will offer to vendor only the stacks of 17... make the stack have a different amount of things and AutoMagic won't even bother about it.

    and if i log out and delete the Beancounter saved data all of the above is forgotten by Auctioneer... so my conclusion was that Beancounter was responsible for the stack-related behaviour.
  • That is true, but that is an issue with the tooltip logic, not BeanCounter itself. BeanCounter will show all the relevant history for any item that is an exact match, regardless of all their stack sizes.

    At least, that is my recollection. I'll try to remember to double check next time I'm in game.
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