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  • Would it be possible to have a version that only includes the tooltip informations? I don't want the entire AH changes, I do however like the tooltip informations it provides.
  • quote from

    This package provides basic item data in each item's tooltip. Through Informant, the user is able to customize the data shown when mousing-over an item. The database includes such critical information as the use(s) of the item (Quests, crafting, et cetera), which, if any, NPC vendors sell the item, and the prices NPC vendors use when buying or selling the item. The included database is renewed periodically, so Informant is ready to go once installed.

    current version is:

    and is included in Auctioneer Suite too. If you want, it can be installed without having Auctioneer too, from the link above.
  • Note that you will have to manually keep it updated by returning to our site periodically. I don't upload that version to CG or WOWI.
  • While that is true, it doesn't have the recommendations for what you should do with your items (Such as vendoring or disenchanting), which makes the tooltip very interesting to me.
  • those recommendations depend on the market price of the item or of the enchanting materials that can be made from it...

    If the item is not worth selling on AH (or not possible to be listed for sale) then if it's more profitable to disenchant the item, you'll get a "disenchant" suggestion instead of a "vendor" one.

    You don't want to get a vendor/disenchant recommendation for something like Glorious Legplates, do you?
    current EU median market price for those = ~300k gold
    Sell to vendor price: 2g 72s 97c
    disenchant value (for my realm): 26g and spare change
  • to get market price statistics in the tooltip without having Auctioneer installed (or even with it), install The Undermine Journal:

    The addon (and its market statistics) is updated 2 times per week. It doesn't run any statistical calculations itself, it's just a static database of market prices which is why it needs updating twice per week.

    Use the region median price as reference, not the mean price and always consider those as just a rough reference and with a big grain of salt.

    Use the value of the standard deviation from the tooltip to estimate the size of that grain of salt.
    Be aware that for extremely rare transmog pieces (like Glorious Legplates) the standard deviation value is heavily affected by people listing such pieces at very low prices when they don't know their value and rarity and just use the item text colour as reference (in this case these are green).
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