Still getting constant taint errors (old thread follow up)
  • Hello ,

    after multiple updates from Auctioneer and Mapster (the old suspected culprit), up to this day i'm still getting taint errors :'( , it is possible the recent Mapster update did nothing to really help this or something else might interfere but i have no real hint besides Auctioneer and ACE 3 .... .

    the older thread can still be referenced ( )

    the full log is too long to be posted on here so i posted it on in a spoiler frame ( ) and a PM to Dinesh :)

  • You logs point to multiple addons. So the most likely cause is still a bug in Blizzard's code causing random errors or misattributing the errors.
  • That looks like a low level taint log (level 1), which only shows blocked actions. Tells us that taint happened, gives no clue how the taint travelled to that point :(

    The problem has always been that no part of Auctioneer has anything to do with the places where these taint errors are being reported. Although it seems likely that Auctioneer is leaking some taint somewhere (it is a sprawling mess of code), we'd need at least some clue of how the taint is getting from one place to the other to even begin to try figuring it out.

    Oh, found an interesting article on taint, worth a read:
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