Ignoring item extentions "of the ..." when searching/posting to AH
  • is there a way to do this? I have a few (read, many) pieces of tmog gear I like to post every time I visit the AH, but say, if I Alt-click my Glorious Legplates of the Boar and only a "of the Bear" is posted, I don't see it and have to manually scan for the item minus the extention, which takes some time when selling a few hundred of these kinds of items. I think TSM does this, but is far too complicated for my AH needs. (I don't need to do any sniping or monitoring of mat prices for cheaply crafting items for profit. I have the spider mount and a few million left over, so gold making is not an issue, I'm just interested in saving time). If this is not possible, then fair enough, just wondering. Thanks
  • one of the reasons that i only use Auctioneer for buying things is because of this. I use TSM for posting because it can ignore random suffixes (when undercutting)
  • bah okie, thx. I'll stick to posting everything manually then. I know TSM is fine once you have all your groups, stack sizes et cetera, set up and whatnot, but like I said, I'd have to learn a whole new package from scratch just to sell some items...and probably mispost a bunch in the process. Disappointing
  • Is there a Jira issue posted for this?

    It won't be dealt with quickly but it would be good to have it officially listed, I can see the use for it.
  • I would love for this to be added to Auctioneer as well.
  • it's been listed on JIRA since at least 2013:


    03/Aug/13 2:23 PM

    03/Aug/13 2:23 PM

    Option to display 'similar' items in the scrollsheet

  • Would be really nice to see this happen. With all the legion crafted gear having random suffixes it's a real pain to have to manually chop them off to search the base item name when checking prices.
  • I get really conflicted with new patches... I really want to just play with the new stuff but there are also drivers to just sit down and code for a while.
    The "Wanting to play" wins out a fair bit, but I need to push myself to be slightly more constructive!
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