Auctioneer 7.3 Dependancy Disabled
  • I love this add on. I cant run as it is reporting Dependancy Disabled on my add on list. Maybe I am doing something stupid or can't see the forest for the trees.
  • You've probably disabled Stubby on your toon. If you mouse over Auctioneer in the addon list, it should tell you what dependency is disabled or not installed, iirc.
  • as a side note: i use Stubby as a master switch when enabling/disabling the entire Auctioneer Suite but keeping Swatter active. Works wonderfully :)

    P.S. current version is Auctioneer 7.5, if you're still running 7.3 then upgrade your version, it's not compatible with current WoW.
  • I presume he means the version that runs on wow 7.3, but if not the yes definitely move to the current 7.5 version.

    WIth the next xpac, I may try to move our numbering system to just match the version of wow that it works with for the first 2 numbers (major.minor), to avoid this ambiguity.
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