Green squares in tooltip (Fix)
  • This is not my fix. But I found it in early post on that forum (Big thanks to Athenne). The link to post:
    But there is some trash symbols in code: "< b r / >" inserted by forum engine. REMOVE ITS!

    GathererTooltip.lua Line 53:

    if ( itemName and (i <= maxDropsToShow) ) then<br /> if ( item < 0 ) then
    tooltip:AddDoubleLine(itemLink, string.format("x%0.2f", count/total))
    tooltip:AddDoubleLine(format('|T%d:12|t %s', invTexture, itemLink), string.format("x%0.2f", count/total))
    --green icon fix
    numLeft = numLeft + 1

    After this fix the last Gatherer 7.3.x working perfectly. (green Icons desapear) :)
  • I'll take a look. I'm not the usual Gatherer Dev, but I do know the |T escape code :)

    The 'if ( item < 0 )' is for Archaeology nodes - should be able to use |T for this as well.
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