Auctioneer not showing Real Time Scanning
  • So I got my TSM stuff set up the other day and have just been using Resale search, but I'd like to use the realtime scanner. However when I click the button for it, it never shows up. I play on Area 52 so I thought it might just take a while to show up, so I waited ten minutes and nothing happened. I feel like it's right under my nose but I can't find what's wrong.

    Anyone else ran into this before and solved it or am I stuck? I'd rather not have to uninstall TSM and get everything set back up again.
  • RealTime Scanning is part of Auctioneer, not TSM (unless TSM has implemented something similar? in which case ask there).

    RTS is part of Auctioneer's SearchUI module, and the settings can be found there.

    Note that RTS will only 'find' auctions based on your other SearchUI settings, so you may want to check that the various Search modules are set up the way you want.

    You'll probably have to describe what you are trying to do and what is actually happening, in more detail, so we can work out where the problem is.

  • yes, TSM has something similar, it's called the Sniper search mode.

    it's under Shopping tab -> Custom Filter / Other Searches -> Start Sniper

    however, i don't see why post about it in Auctioneer's forums, it's very easy to tell the two addons apart as they use completely different colour schemes.
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