• I was wondering if there was any plans to get askprice to work again? I really like the feature but having to /w someone when you don't know who in the guild has it can be annoying. I have the addon and am one who has always had mine updated (I scan 2 or 3 times a day), but we get people always asking in guild and I have to tell them to wisper me.
  • just install The Undermine Journal from the Twitch/Curse app and make sure to update it regularly (The Undermine publishes updates twice per week) = no more need for AskPrice

    I use TUJ region median prices these days because their statistics are almost impossible to poison while local-realm price statistics can be easily influenced / poisoned.
  • awesome ty
  • I'm not sure what's wrong with AskPrice, as I don't use it myself. Is it working in some channels but not in others?
  • it only works in wispers. it no longer works in any other channel
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