Scan Results for Multiple Computers
  • I play WoW on a desktop and a laptop. What files would I need to merge if I wanted merge scan data or sale data from my desktop to my laptop?
  • you can't really merge them because they are saved in a single file (yes, ALL realms data into a SINGLE file) with strict LUA syntax:
    scan data:
    .\World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\_id_number_here_\SavedVariables\Auc-ScanData.lua
    sale data:
    .\World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\_id_number_here_\SavedVariables\BeanCounter.lua
    (and .bak files of them that are almost never updated)

    i play on desktop+laptop too, just use Dropbox to sync the full account data folders between them. Do the same for the Addons folder. Look into NTFS junctions to do this mix of Warcraft + Dropbox.

    i even have warcraft on a drive (ssd) but configured it to keep the SavedVariables data folders on a separate drive (hdd) - this to avoid frequent drive writes to the ssd.

    DO NOT use Google Sync for warcraft data sync. It WILL cause game data loss.

    from my experience, Dropbox preserves file names and in case of a version conflict will preserve the file name for the newer file and will rename the OLDER files.

    Google Drive (which was renamed as Backup and Sync) does the opposite - it keeps the older file named as-is and will rename the NEWER file - it will frequently stop syncing the proper file name and will create instead a renamed file, appending "(1)" or other numbers to the file name.

    Google's approach might be OK for documents but is a total train wreck when you consider the case of LUA script programs (such as WoW uses to save data). These scripts MUST have a very precise file name or WoW considers the data as missing.

    When i used Google Drive for syncing WoW saves i was having random weird missing data, old WoW savedata making a comeback or other such things - and in the end i found it was directly caused by the way that Google was creating surprise random additional files instead of preserving the proper file name for LUA scripts.

    also, make weekly 7zip snapshot archives and sync those between computers too. Each of my 7zip snapshots are around 5mb for the account data and about 50mb for the addons. (i have quite a lot of addons - but not all enabled at the same time)
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