Large AuctionHouses with the latest Preview
  • The last Preview (5455) includes changes that are supposed to help with large AuctionHouses (50k or larger). I'm looking for feedback on whether the changes do actually improve things in this case.

    Specifically the changes should (1) Prevent game lockups at the start of Stage 3, (2) Considerably speed up Stage 4 for large AuctionHouses.

    Please report if you've seen really noticable improvements - or on the other hand if you are still seeing large freezes or crashes (in which case, please give as much info as you can about it).

  • Suggestions to help scanning on larger AuctionHouses:

    Find a quiet place to scan - having other players running around near you uses up some bandwidth. Usual places to try are Exodar, Silvermoon or Shattrath.

    Check your settings:
    Turn "Additional scanning to retrieve more Seller names" OFF (actually, I think I'm going to make this the default at some point...)

    Set "Scan Retrieval Time-to-Live" fairly low - the default is 5, and this should be fine.

    Turn "Desired FPS during scan" UP to make scanning smoother. (Or you can try turning it DOWN to see if it will complete scanning faster, at the cost of a choppier framerate.)

    Also turn on the Post Scan Summary, as this will give a readout of how large the AuctionHouse is, and how long the scan took.
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