Option Request: Cancel Auction on Appraiser Tab
  • It would be nice to have a Cancel Button next to the Buyout and Bid buttons so we could cancel our own auction that appears in the appraiser search. Many times I go to add additional items only to discover that someone else has under cut me, this would make it easy to cancel the auctions shown so they can be reposted.

    If there is some easy way to cancel all auctions of a certain item I have not found it, so I apologize if there is a way to accomplish this already.


  • i don't think Auctioneer has this "bulk cancel" mode but TSM has multiple such options and TSM can be used together with Auctioneer - i use them like this.
    TSM can cancel by time duration left or you can even type a partial item name and it will cancel all the matching items.

    BUT, even with TSM, you will still get prompted to click a button for each item that you cancel (or move the scroll wheel if you configured it for this) because Blizzard has a mandatory requirement that ALL Auction House interactions with items must be triggered by a distinct human-initiated hardware event.
  • I have used this feature in TSM and it works really well. Though I would like to be able to do this in one interface with out running additional addons.
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