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  • I have been using auctioneer suite for about a week now, been working great. I've bought and sold quite a lot of stuff on the AH, but none of it is showing in the beancounter interface. Any idea why this is?
  • it can take a little bit for the matching logic to zero in correctly (and it won't work for anything you listed before auctioneer was installed), but you should be right on the cusp now. if it's still not working in a couple more days can you post again and we can try some debugging steps?
  • Awesome, will do! Thanks very much!
  • Hmm, I'd have expected to start getting results sooner than a week - assuming you post for 48hrs, you should see something by the third day.

    Note that BeanCounter doesn't know how to track BattlePets, and has trouble with some low level gear with random enchants.
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