WoD/WoW6.0 - how will it affect Auctioneer?
  • WoD will make several changes that will affect Auctioneer. This thread is to gather them, and to decide how to handle them.

    We need to identify changes that will break Auctioneer - and need to be worked on first - or changes that can be worked on later.

    Until the Beta enables AddOns, this will mostly be guesswork...

    Combined Auctionhouses see http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/13271497607#3

    Stat Squish and removal of reforging - suspect this may change itemLinks a bit

    http://wowpedia.org/Patch_6.0.1/API_changes :

    1/nil changes - appears to be a general shift toward using true/false instead of 1/nil

    QueryAuctionItems - adds a new exactMatch param - sounds useful

    C_Timers - various timers, also sound useful

  • I think version is now allowing AddOns?
  • Addons were enabled 18July14
  • Thanks guys. I'm hoping for a beta invite soon, but meanwhile I'm keeping an eye on wowinterface forums. Anyone know of other good places to watch?

    GetAddOnInfo and GetSpellInfo return values appear to have changed - affects a few places in our code.

    itemLinks have changed - reforging removed as expected, but some new stuff added:

    QueryAuctionItems new exactMatch param needs to be handled - affects deletion of items from ScanData - makes this Critical.
  • Well I believe it's now open to the public - https://appleseed.apple.com/sp/betaprogram/
  • But you probably mean WoD dontcha?
  • And now WoD is version

    Looks like it's a moving target.
  • It appears that the alliance, horde and neutral auction houses have now been merged.
  • ...18645 now
  • For merged auctionhouses, the first thing will be to disable the Neutral AH code, discarding Neutral AH data.

    For people that only have alts of one faction on a given server, everything should then work cleanly.

    For people with alts (and stats data) on both factions of one server, we either have to:
    * keep one set of data and discard the other set - how to choose which one?
    * merge the data - how?

    This is similar to the issue with connected realms right now.
  • We could also just force a complete data reset. It's not ideal, but a lot of power users do this anyway whenever there's a major release that dramatically affects pricing.
  • OK, that's option 3 :)
  • Although not ideal by any means, would it be an option to create an out-of-game script (like a Web site with Javascript, or a .vbs file players could download and run locally) to merge their AH data into a single file? Would that even produce useful/meaningful results?
  • I like option 3 - a fresh start!
  • I can take different approaches for each Stat module. I'm likely to completely reset a couple of them, hopefully along with an overhaul of the database structure. (E.g. Histogram)

    It is now unlikely I'll attempt to do an actual merge on any Stats.

    I would like to have some Stat modules keep old data, but where there is a conflict between two sets of data we still need to decide which set to keep.

    First proposal is to keep the data belonging to the alt which logs in first for each different AuctionHouse.

    Anyone have better suggestions or other comments?
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