AucDB, where can i DL it?
  • I have searched high and low, but still cant find an executable that updates my scans. To have more than 4 or 10 scans of items. There used to be an in-game executable loaded within Auctioneer allowing me to "update" my scans from AucDB servers, what happened to that option?

    G :)
  • IIRC, we decommissioned AucDB a long time ago. We weren't getting many updates from users, and it used a lot of server infrastructure (as evidenced by TUJ recently shutting down). Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
  • sorry to hear that, then on the same topic..i have auctioneer data In excess of 7mb but it is in .lua form and not .toc form. How can I put my old data into the new auctioneer? if they don't copy and paste for I have tried already.
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