Question about exporting data
  • I'm trying to develop an addon for a similar MMO using Gatherer as a model. I have looked through the source code pretty extensively and understand much of what I have read but I can't seem to find exactly where the data is written to the Gather.lua file for storage. I understand the data is stored as an array but I don't actually see where this is exported to the external file. Can anyone point me in the right direction with the name of the function or maybe an explanation of how this is accomplished? Thanks!
  • WoW AddOns don't write directly to files, instead they specify which global variables should be saved at logout, and the Client does all the IO.

    Normally AddOns create a small number of root tables and fill them with info that needs to be stored - the Client copies the entire table(s) to file at logout, and loads them from file during login.

    Look in the TOC file to see which variables are to be written:
    ## SavedVariables: GatherItems, Gatherer_DropRates, Gatherer_SavedSettings_AccountWide, LibSwagData, Gatherer_SharingBlacklist
    ## SavedVariablesPerCharacter: Gatherer_SavedSettings_PerCharacter
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